Cottage Country

This first leg of the journey is almost over. Annie and I have spent 2 weeks in Manitoba, since I thought we should visit friends and family before abandoning them for at least a year.

The flight to Manitoba went better than expected (I try to have very low expectations so that I am mentally prepared). I tried taking Annie`s car seat on the plane, and have to recommend that to the parent`s out there as it avoids the wee one climbing all over you for hours. It would be too much to carry with more than one child, but it really worked for Annie. The Air Canada staff were actually incredibly helpful and went out of their way to make the trip bearable. (Since I complain about this national organization so often, I feel it is important to praise them when applicable.) Brother Bruce even picked us up at midnight in Winnipeg, sweet guy.

My favourite thing so far is watching Annie become more comfortable with swimming in the cold, dark, deep lake. From screaming terrified that “the dock is rocking” (Yes, that is what docks do my love) to actually going in the water with mom in her swimming ring was a ton of fun. (Pictures to follow when I’m not struggling with dial-up.)

Only 5 more days before the big trip to Austria!!

Status Update:

  • House: Not sold
  • Boxes: Almost shipped
  • Flights: Booked with hopefully some changes (to avoid a 9 hour wait in Toronto airport with a toddler)
  • Residency: Process not started, but feeling optimistic as Markus is taking over a family business, which is actually an option on the forms (always good to be able to tick off a real option instead of `other`)
  • Annie: Currently changing Dolly`s diaper, as usual
  • Hillary: Not loving the dial-up Internet connection at the cottage. I am, however, sporting a potentially unhealthy golden tan, as I remember to sunscreen Annie but usually get distracted before I get to me. Currently wondering if I have enough diapers and baby wipes to last both Annie`s and Dolly`s diaper needs
  • Rebecca: Finished her German prep course and vacationing in Budapest with Aunt Suzi and cousin Lily. Life is good!

2 Replies to “Cottage Country”

  1. Great update, keep them coming!

    Miss you already,

    PS. We looked for you on Savary, but no luck. Maybe next year?

  2. Thanks for the update, sounds like you’re having a great summer vacation.
    Good luck with the trip, I’m sure it’ll go smoothly.

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