Every Jouney Begins with…

Saying goodbye this last week has been sad and sweet and a bit surreal. Mostly I think I am in denial; I’m going to be so fabulously busy I’m not going to miss anyone. Right.

The house saga continues. One offer too low, another just right but then they bailed the next day. Packing your life up and running after a toddler while trying to keep the house clean for showings is a real treat. Thank goodness for Terry (amazing woman who runs Annie’s daycare).

I think in some ways I’ll miss the house, even though I’ve wanted to sell it the last 2 years. I guess the home where your child is born, took her first steps, spoke her first word, will always be special. I really like this picture of our back yard. Since we’ll be living in downtown Innsbruck, we’ll be lucky to have a balcony. Thankfully there are lots of parks, lakes and, of course, the mountains nearby. Markus is already sourcing new skis.

Annie and I are off to cottage country in Manitoba for a few weeks. We leave today and then head over to Austria on the 26th.

The adventure begins!

Backyard at Richmond house in Victoria
Backyard at Richmond house in Victoria

2 Replies to “Every Jouney Begins with…”

  1. It is so exciting that you started a blog! I am looking forward to reading it. Have fun in Austria. I can’t wait for you to come.

    The German classes were good. I think the program will be good for you.

    Miss you

  2. Good luck! We are outta Terri’s and into something more expensive! Please post pick of Annie Skiing!

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