Last Night in Canada

It is amazing to believe that we are leaving the country tomorrow and, unless there is some unforeseen glitch, will not be coming back to Canada for months.

Annie was in high spirits today. All week she has been leaving a room, closing the door on me, saying: “I’m just going to Austria. I’ll be right back.” So I’m guessing she doesn’t quite understand the concept of distance and time just yet. But on the other hand, she does realize that she’ll see Dad in Austria, which of course she is super excited about.

Ever since she has been a wee baby, I’ve said that Annie has a good sense of humour. I’m not sure how else to describe it except that she gets the joke. Tonight as we were going to bed, I told her that this was the last snuggle (she is trying to follow in Rebecca’s footsteps in the bedtime procrastination department), and that she would have to lie down. O.K. she says, flops her head on the pillow, and in the loudest imitation of a 70-year old man, starts to fake snore by rasping in through her nose and “shhewwing” out through her mouth. We both started belly-laughing so loud we had tears in our eyes. It is great to end our Manitoba vacation on such a high note. It has been a beautiful friend and family filled 3 weeks, but I’m looking forward to the European adventure getting started.

Here is a great close-up shot of Annie’s joy as she is swinging on the green swing at Star Lake that my brother Andy  (step-brother, but whatever) made a few summers ago. (Andy decided that Annie would call him Master Andy instead of Uncle. So Annie was yelling around the cottage “Where is Master Andy? Where is Master Andy?” He is in so much trouble.) I’ll post some other fav shots from the cottage once I get organized over the next few weeks.

Auf Wiedersehen!

My girl loves to swing and green is certainly her colour!
My girl loves to swing and green is certainly her colour!

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