Mondrodeln and a Cute Homecoming

Twice since Markus has returned home, we have gone tobogganing at night. Yes, at night. The walk up was beautiful both times, but especially the second time, with everything dusky and quite with new snow. We had a tasty dinner at a little lodge at the top, where the woman serving us vaguely remembered Markus from his younger days, as they used to live in the neighbourhood and went up that hill a few times a week. Then the crazy part began.

Markus had thought there would be a full or near full moon, but both times it was too cloudy to the let the moonlight through at all. Although brother Andy informs me that if there is snow it isn’t pitch black (and that I just need more alcohol), it seemed pretty dark to me.

As you can imagine, this isn’t my favourite activity. I pretty much avoid/hate anything that has even a hint of physical danger. Those of you pooling your money to buy me that skydiving course for my upcoming 40th will just have to think of something else.

The first time was the worst, as the track was quite slippery, and there were times I just couldn’t go slow enough for my comfort. I had scouted out the drops off the side of the mountain on my way up, and although I couldn’t see them, they loomed large in my imagination. I stuck to the inside of the track, thinking that I was probably better off smacking into a tree than hurtling into the unknown.

Obviously, this really isn’t as dangerous as I am making it out to be, as the second time we were there several families with children were coming down as well. However, they all seemed to have flashlights. A good idea I’d say.

The second time there was more snow and so I could just go slow. Very slow. It really isn’t that much fun, but better than the alternative (fast and crapping my pants.) But of course Annie, Rebecca and Markus had a good time, so I have a feeling we’ll be going again.



This is a bit out of order, but I’m just figuring out my video camera. Here is Markus’ first night home after his last 2-week trip to Victoria. Both of the girls were just a wee bit excited. Cracks me up. Hopefully Markus will be staying in Europe for at least the next few months. Or else the family might be visiting me in the looney bin. (Oh, and please ignore the familial violence…all in good fun I assure you.)

Dad’s Home January 2009 from Hillary Samson on Vimeo.