Love, Schmuv. All You Need is Friends.

I love my friends. Really, really adore them. I must have done something very lovely in a past life, because I’m pretty sure I’m not deserving in this go around to have such amazing people in my world.

You know what else I love? The Internet. Here I was at 6:00 in the evening after a tough day and my beautiful friend, Stacey (see picture below), pops up a chat on gmail to say hi. Amazing and magical thing, that Internet. During our chat Stacey reminded me that I need to appreciate whatever comes to me this year, and not expect it to be a Perfectly Charming Year in Europe with no problems or rough patches. She also reminded me that when I was pregnant, my attitude was basically: I have no idea what this is going to be like, so I’ll just take it as it comes and appreciate all facets of motherhood, good and bad. Good advice for this year as well. I guess I’ve talked myself into the myth of, “How can a year (or two) in Europe not be amazing?” Well, I think it can be amazing, just not Pollyanna-perfect every second. And there are incredible things to be learned from the tough times, as we all know.

Here is a picture from the summer of Stacey and Annie feeding the ducks in Government House in Victoria.

Overall, I feel like I’m on the upswing again. I have done an excellent job of getting out of shape in the last decade (hard to believe I used to be an elite athlete), and have vowed to try to recapture a little of my lung capacity while in the Alps. I made the first start with a 2-hour walk on Wednesday along the river and then up to Hungerburg, a residential area in Innsbruck. It was fairly steep and it certainly got me breathing.

Then today Markus and I biked to Shloß Ambras for lunch. Those royals sure knew how to live (no camera with me, so I swiped this from a tourist page.) You can actually see the table we sat at for lunch at the bottom of the picture.

Hopefully after a relaxing weekend, I’ll be feeling even more like myself. Thanks for all the support, my friends.

3 Replies to “Love, Schmuv. All You Need is Friends.”

  1. Aw thanks Hillary! You brought a little tear to my eye … and I’m at work so it’s not that appropriate. 😉 I’m also very glad we had a chance to catch up in realtime.
    I feel quite famous now. People all the way across the globe posting pictures of me. Excuse me while my head swells.

  2. That is, indeed, the world famous singer/actor extrodinaire Stacey.

    Schloß Ambras (oops, just noticed I spelled it wrong but have fixed that):

    From the all-knowing wikipedia:

    …goes back to the times of Archduke Ferdinand II, the second son of Emperor Ferdinand I. When he was made new provincial sovereign of Tyrol in 1563, he ordered two Italian architects to turn the existing medieval fortress into a Renaissance castle for his untitled wife Philippine Welser.

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