This is a Show About Nothing

I discovered a new word in German last week: faulenzen. It means to do a whole lot of nothing. We could use a verb like that in English (I nothing, she nothings…). This word was very applicable for us this weekend.

When I was in the depth of misery last week, my sister-in-law, Susi, suggested: “Why don’t you just give up. Everyone tends to be happier.” Hmmmmm. So basically that is what I did this weekend…give up.

“I want some pasta.”
“For breakfast?”
“Ya!”, (or maybe ‘Ja!’)


“I want to watch Kleiner Dodo.”
“How do you ask nicely?”
“Please may I watch Kleiner Dodo?”

No problem.

“Do you want to come and watch with me?”

“Sweetie, do you want to get dressed and go to the Spielplatz?”

Fine, we’ll stay inside all day.

“Can I eat it (eggs) with my fingers?”
Go to town blue-eyes.

This was pretty much how things went for 48 hours. Luckily the tot did get some fresh air as Rebecca piped up Saturday afternoon: “I’ll take Annie out with me for €10.” Sold!! Rebecca was hoping to catch a school soccer game, thus the hilarious dressing up of Annie in a soccer shirt (sorry that it is blurry, but just had to include it.). The game didn’t work out, but they had fun at the playground and then shared some decadent torte while Mommy watched the Kremlin Open.

Rebecca decides Annie should be a soccer fan.
Rebecca decides Annie should be a soccer fan.

Of course now I have to try to clean up the mess from two days of outright sloth before Markus gets home. But overall it was worth it. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live this way most of the time, but it sure is a good tactic in times of crisis.

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  1. LOL! I can just see a day like that with Elliot…it would entail (for him):
    – watching TV all day
    – eating on the coffee table instead of the kitchen table
    – spending the whole day naked
    – no nap

    And probably a whole lot more stuff that I would cringe at!

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