European Travel Destinations

One of my goals for my European adventure is to travel around and experience new places that I haven’t been before. If you have suggestions for a great city, town, attraction, etc., please post and I’ll add it to the wish list. I’ll also keep track here of where I’ve been.

Wish List of Travel Destinations

  • London (again)
  • Ireland (Markus balked at this one…what do you want to see Hillary? The sheep?… so I guess I’m going on my own)
  • Paris (like, who wouldn’t)
  • Antwerp (to visit my good friend Maria)
  • Prague
  • Montenegro (Our friend Luci is from there)
  • Budapest (Suzi, Lili and Rebecca loved their vacation there)

Already Visited


Vienna: I’ve been there twice. LOVED IT in the fall about 4 years ago, as we stayed at a converted Imperial Palace (thanks Relais & Chateaux), saw an opera, and walked through the lovely first district. Didn’t enjoy it nearly as much in the summer, as the crowds and heat made me perpetually claustrophobic. Markus and I are going back in November for the Relais & Chateaux Congress; there things are completely over-the-top so it should be amazing. I’ll actually need to purchase a ball gown before I go! Too hilarious.


Verona: Markus and I drove there about 3 years ago. It was interesting to see the colosseum as well as, of course, the Romeo and Juliette balcony (much lower than expected and the graffiti at the site was ridiculous and disturbing.) Markus and I had a huge fight on the way back, which clouds my memory of the place a bit, so perhaps somewhere I’d go again.

Brixen: Had lunch there with Markus on our drive back from a meeting with the owners of the Hotel Delevo. Loved the old town and had an amazing pasta lunch (had to have pasta in Italy.)


London: Spent 2 days there last spring (08). We stayed in the theatre district and I just adored it. I loved the spirit of the city and could see myself living there. (Unlike that other big city, New York, where I don’t think I could live for more than a few weeks before I went mental.) We didn’t do too much site seeing, as we weren’t there for long, so I’ll go back for sure.


Munich: I enjoyed the afternoon we spent there a few years ago. As it is only 2 hours from Innsbruck, I’m sure I’ll be going there a lot. It will also probably be my shoe-shopping destination because Innsbruck, like Victoria back in Canada, is too small for the stores to carry shoes that fit my monster paws.


Paris: An amazing 4 days in central Paris. Visiting museaums, restaurants and walking by the Sein. A spectacular way to celebrate 40 years on this planet.

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