Plans 2012

Just pretend I wrote a great post about how relaxing and pleasant our holidays were, with lots of sweet pictures of family laughing around the tree, baking cookies and frolicking in the snow.

Now, onto the real news.

Our plans are almost all set for moving back to Canada. Flights are booked for January 31st.  That is right…only about three weeks left to go for our Euro-adventure.

After spending hours (days really) scouring Craigslist and every other housing-related website, we decided on where to live. We have sublet a furnished apartment for six months about a 15 minute bus-ride away from downtown Vancouver. (We don’t know when we will get a car, so far afield wasn’t an option.) It is in a great neighborhood (so my Vancouver friends assure me) that is good for families.

As soon as the ink was signed on the contract, I contacted the local school. After a friendly but non-committal run-around by the admin person, I very plainly asked, “Is there anyone in the school who might actually know if there is space for a Kindergarten child?” I was transferred to the principal. Principal was lovely and, indeed, they have a spot for a child at this moment, with no expectation that it will be filled before February. Yeah! The closest school (by quite a margin) is a French Immersion elementary. I’ve always wanted to have Annie in French Immersion, although part of me feels like one of those über-pushy parents making my child learn three languages. But I also believe, especially after my experience here, that one of the greatest gifts to give a child of this beautiful, interconnected world is the opportunity to learn another language.

It is possibly only for Kindergarten in any case, as we have no idea what area we will live in for the long(ish) term. But I’ll deal with that later. “One step at a time” is my new universe-forced motto.

I’m so, so (so!) excited about returning to more regular work. One contract is all lined up and I’ll know about the other one in the next week or so. I’m enjoying working for small, young companies owned by truly great people. I’m learning a lot and love not getting caught up in corporate culture. I may have to return to that someday, and do miss the stability and, you know, a benefits plan, but for now I’m enjoying the excitement and craziness and humanity of it all.

And of course, I just can’t wait to see my friends and family. Every time I send an email telling another friend when I’ll be back, I’m just so overwhelmed with the warmth and welcoming sentiments. (Remind me…why did I leave??) On the other side, it will mean saying goodbye to good friends here. But I’m sure my adventures in Europe aren’t over, so I’ll be seeing them again.

Although it has been a life-changing adventure the last three years, I’m ready to come home.


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  1. Great to get an update, Hils! Pls send your new address in Vancouver when you have a minute. I’ve been wondering what happened with the Belize opportunity for Markus … ? Or is he still looking for work in Van? Thanks for posting … love you!

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