Just Shut Up and Drive

I have been avoiding driving in Europe. It is quite intimidating for me, as people drive faster, the rules are a bit different and also people pass you with only an inch to spare, which really freaks me out. But Markus was loaded down with bags coming from Canada and Franz couldn’t pick him up as he had to work, so my in-laws convinced me to give it a try. I felt I was very brave driving all the way to München, which is about a 2 1/2 hour trip. It ended up being really easy, despite driving in a fairly heavy snowfall. Franz set me up with his GPS, which worked like a charm. It even tells you what lane to be in! And it took me literally to the parking lot for Terminal 2 arrivals. Incredibly specific.

Annie slept the whole way there and Markus flight was only 20 minutes late, so we didn’t have a long time to kill at the airport. It was really great to see Markus after a month away. Annie had this huge smile on her face.

Once we made it back to Innsbruck (I drove home as well), Rebecca was, of course, so excited to see her dad. She is very happy with Markus coming home and then was over the moon when her mom, Catherine, arrived with her partner, Katherine, on Saturday. A real family reunion.

And with my friend Renata and Ryan coming today as well, we are going to have a fun-filled Christmas. Unfortunately, Annie has the flu the last couple of days, so we are hoping she perks up for the festivities tomorrow.

Killing time at Munich airport
Killing time at Munich airport
Dad's home!!
Dad's home!!

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  1. Hi Hillary,
    You wouldn’t believe, that I shared the same expiriance as you these days. I felt uncomfotable and unsafe driving for the first time on the unknown roads on our way to Switzerland and with a new car which I just bought a day before. The weather was so bad and I came again to Seefeld, needing a rest for a few days 🙂
    If you making plans to come to Seefeld with a frends, just make me know.
    Merry Christmas to all you

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