Daycare, wherfore art thou?

Ugh! Annie was driving me crazy yesterday morning. Gleaming at me with mischeif in her eyes as she poured her juice on the table, splashing outside the bath, not wanting to get dressed. Typical toddler stuff, but my resistence is down with the travel and change. I had to give myself a time-out to calm down.

Markus, sensing my short, short rope, took Annie and Rebecca to a pool and let me nap and read for the afternoon. He is really the best husband anyone could ask for, as well as an amazing father. A couple of days ago we were sitting in the park watching Annie play on the swing and he said that Annie had had a perfect first 2 years of her life. If someone let him do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing for her. Now that is the kind of statement that melts my heart and just makes me love him even more. I’m so lucky.

I’ll have to go check out this outdoor pool. Apparently it is amazing with 6 pools of different sizes and depths, several slides, playground, sandbox, table tennis, grassy area to lounge, etc. Annie loved it. Hopefully the beautiful weather we are having will hold for a few more weeks so that we can enjoy it. I have to say that for a city the size of Greater Victoria, there are way more things for kids and families to do together. It really is geared around that. I often had to think hard of activities to keep us busy in Victoria, especially on rainy days, but don’t anticipate having the same problem here.

We’ll be moving into my in-laws old apartment (at the hotel) today. It will be good to have a bit more space to roam around in as well as to get Annie into her own room! And as for daycare, we check out one option at 3:00 today. Hopefully all will go well.