Grade One…….seriously. Seriously?

My little lovely Annie had her first day of Grade One. I can hardly believe that my baby is so grown up. Makes my heart sing and break at the same time. We had extra big morning snuggles on the couch when we woke up, mostly to make mama feel better.

Of course, school was only for one hour, so not exactly traumatic for anyone. Tomorrow will be a big day, with the first day of after-school care. I know she will love it, especially as it is at the community center which she knows well, and adores, due to last year’s classes and summer camp.

Annie remembered some of the kids from her very short stint at Lord Tennyson last June, and we met some new families today. I feel so grateful that Annie is such a social girl and makes friends easily. I can only hope that these transitions are always this easy.

And now, here are the pics.

Leaving for school…

Why just stand there when you can pose?

Or dance

At the school

And eating cupcakes as a first day treat.

Annie insisted on taking a picture of mom, too. Don’t I look like I’m actually holding it together?

I want to remember this day forever. It feels like a huge step towards an adult life and I’m so blessed to be able to share this experience with Annie. Amazing.