I wanted to write a post today, mainly because I value number geekery. (Plus my ‘woo woo’ side is getting increasingly stronger as I age….I did the master shift mediation earlier today and thought it was great.)

I had a few ideas of what I might write about. It is a long time between posts since returning to Canada, so there are a ton of stories, photos and videos to choose from.

But then I had one of those lovely days today when I just feel so great. When I was on mat leave with Annie I used to call it post-partem euphoria. A deep, fabulous feeling of joy and well being. I’ve been having lots of those days the last few months, or at least vast strings of days where I experience this feeling for at least for a portion of the day.

Just about the last thing anyone wants to hear when they are going through a rough time is, ‘the bad times make you appreciate the good times.’ (Seriously…who wants to be told that when they are down??) And yet, once you are through the worst of it, it is simply true. I’m so grateful for so many things in my life these days, and I know that this gratitude is highly driven by having come out of such a tough stage.

Things are starting to click into place for all of us. Annie’s school is fabulous, Markus and I both enjoy our jobs, and it is wonderful having Rebecca meld into the family again. The girls and dad spent a couple of evenings baking Christmas cookies, with one of the nights Markus and I going out while Rebecca hung out with Annie, and the other night Rebecca and I went to the final Twilight film together. Despite the monster commute, Markus is often home for dinner and it just feels like we have this beautiful little family.

Of course there is no nirvana here; Markus and Annie can attest that my cranky side hasn’t, unfortunately, magically disappeared. We also have some major things to still figure out, first and foremost where we are going to end up living. But we aren’t going to make any changes on that front for at least a year, and I’m quite sure we’ll have a better sense of what we want then. And in the meantime our neighbourhood, Kitsilano, it ideal for me. It is a community of down-to-earth, kind-hearted folk, plus I’m able to walk everywhere from Annie’s school, to any store I need, to the local library, to the ocean. That is about all I need for the time being.

So I’ll leave the stories and photos and videos for another day and, on this unusual date, just record how grateful I am at this time in life. It is more than enough.