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A Sweet Bit of Synchronicity to End My Day

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

The last couple of days have been a bit harder. Not surprising that I’m coming down a bit from the awesome high I’ve been on the past couple of months.

I don’t have enough (or even much) patience for Annie’s thriving independence movement. The thrill of finally living in a city with an IKEA was dampered by actually having to put the purchased furniture together. And we are struggling to decide what to do about Annie’s daycare. We turned down a 1/2 time slot as we thought that we had a full-day spot reserved in another place. However, once we did the tour we found out we wouldn’t be able to get her in until Sept. 22nd, and that they had a manditory parental participation for the first week or two to transition the child. (I chose not to share that I had dropped Annie off at Teri’s childcare in Victoria the first day, picked her up after 9 HOURS and didn’t really think twice. Of course, Annie was fine and didn’t even want to go home…such a social butterfly.) The 22nd isn’t that long away, of course (my friends who have had their children on multiple wait lists for months are probably wanting to shoot me right now…maybe I won’t mention that it is less than $600 per month including lunch and 2 snacks), but the 22nd is the start of my 4-day-a-week German lesson and is also the day Markus flies back to Victoria for two weeks. Since the German course isn’t offered again until January, our best plan at the moment is to see if Markus can move his trip by a week. We are still crossing our fingers that one of the other two downtown daycares calls back with a spot. (I should mention that all 3 are excellent with great facilities and lovely staff, so that isn’t a concern.)

Anyway, I’ve been on the cranky side of things the past couple of days, much to Markus’ delight I’m sure. After putting Annie to bed, I left Markus and Rebecca watching the German-dubbed Heroes and was catching up with one of my favourite blogs, Heather mentioned attending a music festival and watching Regina Spektor. I clicked on the website and started listing to her through the radio player (under music) and was absoluted elated to hear the strains of a tune, Fidelity, that I have been trying to track down for about a year. CBC plays it periodically, and it is featured on Grey’s Anatomy, but I was never successful at catching the name of the performer. It lifted my mood right away and made me remember that really, life is pretty great.

Tomorrow we are off to South Tirol in Italy so that Markus can meet with the owners of the hotel. I’m tagging along to view the countryside while Annie is staying with Aunt Suzi and Lili for the day. Probably best for all of us to get a break from each other.

On a side note, I think I resolved my computer/camera issues and should have some pics up here and on Facebook tomorrow or the next day.