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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

It started when Annie and best friend Chloe couldn’t get into the same swim class in May. The only June class that worked was an intensive, three-times-per-week course.

At the same time, Annie’s dance class was putting on their year-end performance. Two very long dress rehearsals and then four evening performances over a couple of weekends were scheduled.

Added to that I realized that there was only 4 weeks left until we departed for the whole summer to Canada. Annie is a very late bloomer in the night-time no-diaper department, as she is a deep, deep sleeper. But I just dreaded the thought of hauling diapers for our insanely scheduled trip — 2 days in Vancouver, 4 in Victoria, one full day travelling to Savary Island, two days on Savary, one full day travelling to Vancouver, one night in Vancouver and then off to Manitoba for a month — so I threw weaning off diapers into the mix.

And of course there was the regular round of Kindergarten, hikes and outings, play dates, etc., plus my work. It was a crazy, crazy June. Annie pulled through it all with only a few over-the-top tired and cranky days, which were solved by some marathon afternoon naps. She even slept in until 7:30 one morning!

In the end, Annie is swimming fairly well now…up to a few minutes without water wings and swimming several seconds under the water. She enjoyed performing, although I have to say, Markus and I weren’t overly impressed with the show. Since I put my mom through 13 years of dancing, I’m not sure whether to thank her for putting up with the crappy shows, or thank my dance teachers for doing a better job. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. And Annie is making it most nights without a diaper, although she isn’t allowed to drink anything after 5:00 p.m., which is difficult for my thirsty girl.

So we are beat in this little house. I’m really hoping that once I hit Manitoba there will be some recovery time. Finger’s crossed!


On an unrelated, untimely note…at the beginning of the month I gave Annie a card blank, 3 letters and a big box of supplies, and suggested she make a Father’s Day card. I came back a little while later and saw the result:

I’m so impressed! Sweet arrangement of the butterflies, good balance of sticker placement, and using the reverse of the punched paper is an advanced crafting technique, for sure. What I was most astonished by was the restraint. I’d put out a dozen punches, glitter glue, sparkly gel pens, a big stack of coloured paper and a bowl full of stickers among other things. Let me tell you, a year ago there wouldn’t have been any white-space left on the card. (O.K., so we need to work a wee bit on which way is up with the letter “D”, but minor point.) I foresee some awesome crafting together for years to come.