Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I’ve been a bit wary to post this update…I still retain a bit of that childhood fear of jinxing things.

I’ve been feeling more positive about our financial future the last few weeks, contrary to any actual evidence. It just felt like better things to come were in the air. But then last Friday did seem like a concrete turn around, as we had a great day at the cafe and then officially secured the catering contract for the Provincial government. This was the first of two things that have to happen for us to make this new business work; the second is a strong summer season….so only time will tell on that one.

I also have a three-month retainer from Lesli for her business management. It is only 5 hours a week, but it is steady work and I enjoy it greatly and maybe can build from there.

Keep your fingers crossed and thumbs pressed (die Daumen drücken) that these are positive signs of things to come!

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