A Taste of the Other Side

My friends Margriet and Philip were moving house today, so I offered to take their children Chloe, 4, (often discussed on this blog, as she is Annie’s best friend) and Julian, 2. I picked up the three of them from school and we made our way home.

Mostly it was quite fun. At one point I could really see the appeal of a gaggle of kids filling up the house. However, after a few hours my patience was starting to wear a wee bit thin, even though the kids were being great. But regular kid great…playing, screaming, dancing, making a mess, asking for something then not eating it. It was so calm in the car after I dropped them off. Annie was doing her usual non-stop chatting and I just listened and interjected when appropriate and relaxed.

I have all three for the whole day tomorrow again. I’m hoping that the snow we had today sticks so I can find a hill and we can go sliding. That will wear them out nicely I think. As well as keep them relatively contained. You can only run so fast in a bulky snow suit.

To all those mothers that have more kids than hands (like my own), I salute you.

One Response to “A Taste of the Other Side”

  1. Mom says:

    Annie’s dream day.
    Have fun on day 2.