A Lovely Day, and Yet….

I’m in a foul mood. And I have absolutely no good reason, except perhaps that I’m on antibiotics which tend to sap my energy and make me feel slightly nauseous.

But other than that, it was a great day. Annie and I played before school, my German class went well, I picked Annie up from school early and then Ana (from Montenegro Ana) made us a fantastic lunch. After a nice long visit Annie and I went into town and caught the last bit of the opening of one of outdoor skating rinks. Even though the rink is really just this dinky thing, everything becomes an event here with fire dancers, live musicians, a singer suspended from a wire, and sweet girls skating around.

I have absolutely no reason to be cranky. And yet here I am. I’m just going to blame the moon (in whatever cycle it is) and go watch a movie. Blech.

This weekend the Christmas Market opens. I love, love, love the Christmas Market. Happier posts to come soon. Promise.

5 Responses to “A Lovely Day, and Yet….”

  1. Mom says:

    Your mood has to get better.
    I loved the christmas markets last year and the got deinks we enjoyed as well as shopping.
    How cute Annie was skating with the “penguin” at the rink in the square near the Delavo.
    I wish I was there,
    Here is a big Hug

  2. Mom says:

    My spell check is turned off. It should have been yummy hot drinks..Have one now, Hilllary

  3. hillary says:

    Hi Mom,

    Ah, I was wondering about that! 🙂 Feeling better today. Thanks for the pep talk.

  4. sox says:

    I was hoping “deinks” were some exotic Austrian (is that an oxymoron?) male dancers.

  5. hillary says:

    Both Markus and I have tears in our eyes reading this. Best blog comment ever! Thanks for the laugh.