I just got back from lunch with the family, as we were celebrating Suzi’s birthday (Markus’ sister.) Someone reminded me of my two funniest language mistakes that I have made while speaking German…so far. (There are lots to choose from, but these are certainly the best/worst.)

My first was when I wanted to say that, for guests, we have two mattresses in Annie’s room. Instead I said, “Wir haben zwei Matrosen in Annies Schlafzimmer.” This translates to: “We have two sailors in Annie’s bedroom.” My single sister-in-law was kind of hoping this was true.

The second one was during a discussion about diet and food. I was trying to say that I think, most of all, that processed foods with preservatives and chemicals are what make people unhealthy and fat. I said “Die Lebensmittle mit Präservativ sind ungesund.” That means, “Food with condoms is unhealthy.” I would say so!!

At least we all got a good laugh.

One Response to “Sprachfehler”

  1. Lori says:

    Very funny post. It’s great when we reach a point where we can laugh at ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    Dropped off Xmas gifts with your mom … sad ’cause I won’t be there to see you open them but happy because it’s fun to give gifts.

    Had a great week-end in Matlock. I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED renting. We didn’t have to mow the lawn, only cleaned to the standards of the owners (not as high as Shawna’s .. smile) and, thus, had a lot of time to read and relax. Baby had a terrific time. Went frog catching with our friends … you can imagine (smile).

    Love you, Lori