Annie Overnight

(I’ve had a few requests for an Annie update. Bitte schön.)

Annie had her first friend sleep-over recently. I’m not sure where the girls got it in their heads, but they had been asking to sleep over for some time now. As Chloe thinks a sleep-over involves her brother Julian, her Mom and her Dad sleeping over too, we thought it was best to try Annie at Chloe’s place. Here is what Annie thinks, “Mom, Dad…haven’t you left yet? Don’t let the door hit your a** on the way out.” I’ve decided to take it as a sign of her confidence and general social nature.

Anyway, except for the very early morning that Margriet (Chloe’s mom) had to endure (she was sufficiently warned), all went well. As with all good sleepovers, the girls talked and giggled until way past their bedtime. Margriet eventually got them to sleep by cuddling Chloe in the living room while Annie conked out on the bed. When I went to pick Annie up, she was very happy to see me (she always is) but a bit shocked when I told her it was time to go home. What? I’ve only spent the last 28 hours straight with Chloe! (We had spent the entire day before at the lake together.) How can you even dream of pulling me away???!!!

Here are pics of the girls sleeping peacefully. The little monkeys.

Oh, and they are also wearing each other's nightgowns. Of course.


In other Annie news…

I think there is a chance Annie will inherit my love of language. Her favourite sentence right now is “I’m already ready.” She thinks it is hilarious and will use it even when only remotely appropriate.


The teacher’s assistant in Annie’s school is from England and has taught the kids “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine”, which Annie sings pretty much constantly (when she isn’t singing one of the two catchy theme songs from the 2010 World Cup.) Except she pronounces it soobmarine. Have I mentioned that my Canadian daughter is picking up a British accent? Between the UK teacher, friends Emily (Australian) and Chloe (parents are from the Netherlands but their English is quite British-accented), Annie has a hard time keeping her flat Canadian vowels. It’s not “waahtaah” my love, it is “waddur.”

However, the UK vowels are easier to correct than her occasional German accent. After  months of practice, her “th’s” seem to have returned. I was starting to think that she would be the actress in the revised version of this video .


Annie’s favourite DVD right now is Charlie and Lola. I like it too, as the writers clearly have a lot of experience with 4-year-old girls. Lola’s conversations with her friend, Lotta, could be pulled directly from Annie and Chloe’s chatter. Most days I have to pretend to  be Charlie to Annie’s Lola. We speak in British accents (see above) and re-enact scenes from the episodes. One section is about having a dog. My girl would LOVE to have a puppy. Here is her taking care of my friend Nicole’s wonderful dog, also named Lola.

Unfortunately for my girl, this is as close as she is going to get to a dog while living in this household:

I often think “4 going on 14.” When people say “it goes fast”, they ain’t lyin’.

8 Responses to “Annie Overnight”

  1. beth says:

    i love these pictures. and the switching nighties is classic. it also looks like that dog ‘Lola’ would like to have an ‘Annie’ of her own too.

    thanks for sharing these Hillary – it’s wonderful to see her growing up, even if its long-distance. It sounds like you are really enjoying being a mum!

  2. hillary says:

    Thanks Beth!

    I do love being a Mom to Annie. She totally cracks me up and is just so much fun right now. It is a great age.

  3. Lori says:

    Great to hear (and see) some Annie news. I think it’s amazing that Annie is good with overnighting without her parents … I like independence! Thanks for an interesting post.
    Love from, Lori

  4. Thanks for the prompting to have an Annie update Lori! She changes so fast I need to make sure I capture this fun time in her life. Love right back attcha.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I had a slight British accent at age seven, then a French from France accent at age 9… My French now is primarily Outaouais with a touch of French immersion and a hint of European, if you’re really paying attention.
    Kids’ accents are very fluid. They’ll usually pick up the dominant accent of where they are living, whatever the language. Don’t sweat it! Annie is enough of a natural mimic that she’ll blend in linguistically wherever you happen to be. It’s great that she loves language so much!

  6. Beth says:

    Is it just me, or is Annie getting more ginger on top with age? Clearly an indicator that she will be EXTRA brilliant, kind and beautiful. *emphatic nodding*

  7. Hey Lorraine,

    You were such a world traveler! What a great way to grow up. I’m sure Annie’s accent will always be cute…I just have a thing about the “th”s. It is such a cliche for German-speaking folk! But if that is the worst thing that keeps me up at night, I guess life is O.K. 🙂

  8. Hi Beth,

    Exactly!! Those red-heads are definitely best of the bunch. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment and for the blog link…I love reading your writing.