Reflections on a Quiet Afternoon

In celebration of our move into our new lovely home, Annie’s children’s birthday party was a home event.

Invitations were sent to 11 of Annie’s nearest and dearest friends. The children arrived attended by parents who, except for a couple of helper-parents, were then allowed to go off on errands. Everything was so well-organized and under control.

Children went on the trampoline one or, at most, two at a time while the remaining children happily and quietly participated in alternate activities, patiently waiting their turn.


This was to ensure that there was no chance for accidents or collision.


After some fun and friendly games, it was time to open the presents. Each child quietly sat with their present in a well-formed circle. Annie politely opened each gift, admiring the present, acknowledging the gift-giver, and saying a well-rehearsed “thank you.”




Since this was a party of fairly equal number of boys and girls, no gender-specific games were played, such as fairy princess dancing. And certainly no-one went onto our kind neighbour’s front patio.



I’m so thrilled that, through careful planning and calm diversion of the children, these beautiful shots were taken of the cake, blowing out the candles, each child individually with Annie and at least one shot of each of the games and activities.

I’m delighted that my calm and quiet little flower had such a sweet birthday.

*Thanks to the unsuspecting parent helpers. Without you, even these few meager photos would not have been taken.

***I’ve decided not to mention the flagrant nudity of a couple of the boys…while jumping on the trampoline. No, let’s not talk about that.

***Oh, and one of the more rambunctious boys (see point above) told his dad that the party was “cool”, so there you go.

5 Responses to “Reflections on a Quiet Afternoon”

  1. Beth says:

    Hahahahahahaha. Ah, Hillary. This cracked me up. Happy birthday to your little spitfire.

  2. beth says:

    from another beth… that is the best birthday party EVER! I would love to not throw one just like this for my kids and to not have such a calm and organized event where not every child was a perfect angel….

    not too bad that my girls have outgrown this stage.


  3. Stacey says:

    Sounds perfectly charming!
    Now it can only be properly followed up by a lovely thank you card thoughtfully noting the individual gift given and how it has been played with and will be in the years to come. 😛 Oh, written and signed by Annie herself of course, phonetic spelled perhaps but nothing less than genius at her age.
    Love the sarcasm Hillary. Great post!

  4. the Dad says:

    Even the dad enjoyed the pics and comments; guess that is why they have bowling ,skating,etc parties away from home!
    Lots of love to you all
    The Dad

  5. Lori says:

    Very cute … I’m taking notes for future “serenity” bday parties for Matheson (smile).