On Being Crafty

I discovered crafting rather late in life. As I child I hooked a few rugs (does anyone even do that anymore? It seems soooo 70’s), but as I couldn’t draw (and still can’t), other crafts seemed daunting.

In my 20’s my friend showed me how to bead necklaces, and that hooked me. I made jewelry for several years (on and off), until Annie was born. And then after I had taken 3,000 pictures of the girl (really…not an exaggeration), I figured scrapbooking made sense. And I love it! (Well, as those who know me will attest, it is more accurate to say I enjoy scrapbooking but LOVE buying scrapbook supplies. It has something to do with the potential of creating something beautiful, I think.)

And the last couple of years, all those supplies certainly have come in handy! Not many days go by without Annie and I cutting and pasting and coloring. Annie loves my punches that turn paper into fun shapes and of course there is always glitter. Glitter, glitter everywhere! I find it on my skin and clothes and floor and sometimes Markus even gets a bit sparkly after a big hug.

Oddly, and somewhat reminiscent of the 1950’s, scrapbook supplies actually make me feel like a better mom. Annie goes to an English group with 4 other children, and earlier in the year I got mixed up and didn’t realize that it was my turn to organize the class. The organizer usually reads a book and then the children make a craft. We try to have some kind of theme to tie it together. An hour before we were to start, I pulled a snowman book from Annie’s shelf  and then openend my craft drawers to get busy. Forms to cut circles in various sizes, googley eyes, coloured construction paper, coloured felt for the scarf, hole punches (in 3 sizes), and voila! Everyone could make a snowman to go with the theme of the day. I went looking for glue sticks for the kids to use and discovered I had 5 of them. 5? There are only 3 people living here…why do I have 1.66 glue sticks per household resident? Because you never know!! And there you go…what a (seemingly) organized and  never-let-my-child-down Mama I am!

It was a natural transition from scrapbooking to card making. I remember saying to a friend that I didn’t understand why people made cards, as they didn’t last for years like a scrapbook. But then I sent a few and felt great about doing something so personal for  someone I cared about, and of course all the feedback was a good ego boost.

cardBilder 1038

I’m quite excited to have more space for crafting in my new apartment. With 60+ Christmas cards that need to be made for next year, I’d better get cracking!

5 Responses to “On Being Crafty”

  1. Lori says:

    I love you. Your logic makes perfect sense to me and anything that we can do to make us feel like a better mom is all good.

    Counting down the days ’til you’re in Winnipeg. Please save Friday, May 7th in your calendar for us, if possible. I bring home food from DeLuca’s many Friday nights and Annie & Matheson would have a grand time playing together in the backyard. It would be a lovely evening.

    Bye 4 now, Lori

  2. Stacey says:

    And I do love your cards. It’s very hard to throw them away! I made thank you cards for our wedding and still have a couple that were just too cute to let go of, how sad is that?

  3. Beth says:

    Hillary, I hope you will keep making the cards! And they DO last – the only people’s cards I keep are the ones from you (I have the Christmas tree one from this year*, and the horse and carriage one from last year) and from my stepmum, who makes her own cards too, often with watercolours. I really cherish them. I was so excited to get one from you this year too.

    And the picture you posted is gorgeous – I especially love the flower one on the right.

    Hm. Inspiring. I went through a knitting phase (to keep me from eating myself to death or biting my nails down to the knuckles when I quit smoking!), a phase of handpainting my own wooden picture frames, and a beaded jewellery phase of my own with some very successful earrings. Perhaps I will try cards next.

    …until something shiny catches my eye, of course.

    I am still reading and still missing you.



    *it’s still on the shelf over my fireplace. Yes, in April. Do I love it THAT much? Am I REALLY lazy? Let’s go with both. 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    Yay! Another crafter. I hear you on the love of BUYING paper crafting supplies. I’m on the verge of having too much but the girls and I spend a lot of time creating special projects including teacher gifts, birthday cards, invitations and party decorations. Loads of fun.

    By the way, I still have your Christmas card. I only save the pretty and handmade ones.

  5. Maria Lamont says:

    Hi Hills – had to respond. I also have a crafty streak – I love to knit, and am going to try to get some simple sewing done this summer. I find it all very relaxing. I am also going to try a few cards, at your suggestion. When we were in switzerland in the 70’s, the local school I attended had one morning a week devoted to sewing, knitting, and embroidery for the girls, and shops for the boys (very sexist, we should’ve all done both!), but it was so much fun. I’ve noticed in France there is a lot of well designed hobby shops and magazines, my new favorite being http://www.ladroguerie.com It ‘s helps to have little girls to make things for!