Fasching 2010

Fasching season, that crazy time leading up to Ash Wednesday and Lent, is over for another year. It is a historically a time of excess and overindulgence before 40 days of austerity. It is also a celebration to push off Winter and, hopefully, welcome Spring.

For more details, pictures and a video of the parade, check out my Fasching post from last year.

This year Annie, like every other little girl in her Kindergarten class, was a fairy princess. It was hilarious dropping her off at school and seeing a gaggle of pink-winged girls tumble out excitedly into the hall to greet Annie.

We didn’t make the parade this year. Well, we did, but the first group to go by was a colourful set of clowns. Freaked Annie right out so we came home and listened to the partying from our apartment all night.

Here are some pics from the day.






I wonder what next year will bring…hobo maybe? Not likely.

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  1. Kjhenderson says:

    hi hillary
    Thes pics were so cute. had to change my screensaver.
    Hugs to Annie. MOM