Annie Get Your Shot

The other day Annie asked to take some pictures with my camera. She has had a semi-obsession with cameras since watching the Elmo video (again and again) that talks about taking pictures. She went around the house saying: “Now I’m taking a picture of my giraffe, now I’m taking a picture of the chair, now I’m taking a picture of mommy.” Hilarious.

Here are the some of the shots of the world from a toddler’s view. Interesting angles and, of course, mostly blurry; tough for a little girl to stop moving. These are going to make a great scrapbooking page!







One Response to “Annie Get Your Shot”

  1. eyeSage says:

    Actually photo # 1 is pretty good. I wouldn’t dismiss it as being too amateurish. It follows the thirds rule, has excellent contrast, and suggest a story line with mystery.
    Well done, Annie.