Blogs Really Can Save A Marriage!

I’ve had a bad day. Well, really only a bad afternoon. Due to my inability to read German, coupled with a very poorly laid out invitation (address in microscopic print at bottom), I missed an event that Annie’s daycare was putting on. (I thought it was at the daycare, silly me). We finally figured it out, but by the time we arrived the concert was over and I was completely and totally embarrassed at not being able to manage to get my child to where she needed to be on time. (Yes, I know she is going to be in 5,000 other events in her life and at 35-months old she couldn’t possibly care about the 90 seconds she wasn’t on stage. But still.)

So I stewed. About how tough it is to live somewhere where you don’t speak the language. About how the daycare teacher KNOWS I can barely speak German, never mind read it, and could/should have taken 45 second to walk me through the invitation. About how this year has, at times, been so difficult that sometimes I think maybe I made a very, very…very…bad mistake in coming here.

And what happens when I stew? Well, snap at Markus about something totally unrelated and not his fault, of course. To which he gets completely pissed off and doesn’t talk to me.

So I’m sitting in bed thinking about how we probably are going to be pissy mad with each other for a day or two. And how I am leaving for Victoria in a couple of days and if the plane crashes, boy, will we be sorry that we had a fight. (Also when I stew, my mind goes to dark places.)

So as a hopeful diversion, I start to troll through the blogs I follow, even though due to the time difference there really isn’t much hope of them having been updated since I last looked at them this morning. Since there is nothing new to de-stew me, I start clicking on banner ads. This finally gets me to this blog, called Cake Wrecks, that is entirely devoted to pictures and captions of professionally created cakes gone horribly wrong (talk about niche content!)

One post took me to an Amazon pre-order for the blogger’s book, with this image as the cover:

Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong

I had to look at it for quite a while before I understood what was happening, so that when I did get it I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face.

Markus finished his loooong bath (a passive-aggressive avoidance technique that we both employ), and I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with him. And of course, it also took him a few seconds to figure it out but when he did, he laughed so hard he had tears running down his face.

So in effect we made up and went to/are going to bed without being mad at each other (without really discussing the issue or resolving anything, but you take what you can get at the end of a bad day.) Just one more reason that I firmly believe that the Internet really is magic. Hocus Pocus. Marriage saved for one more day. Thank You.

One Response to “Blogs Really Can Save A Marriage!”

  1. sox says:

    LOL! Took me almost a minute, but I got it. Thanks for the laugh, and give each other a hug. See you soon!