A Beautiful Day

I’ve always been pretty lucky with the places I have lived. Winnipeg never had my heart, but our cottage at West Hawk Lake only 1 1/2 hours outside the city sure did. It was paradise spending summers there. London, Ont was somewhat boring, but still pretty with stately houses, a beautiful university and plentiful trees. And of course, Victoria really felt like home after only a few months. I find walking or sitting by the ocean the most healing thing for my soul.

I seem to have struck gold again, as Innsbruck truly must be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. If you like mountains that is, which I certainly do. Markus and Annie went tobogganing yesterday morning, but I passed as my back has been sore this week. Instead I went for a walk by the river, admiring the architecture of the houses on the sloped landscape and the snowy peaks towering above. The temperature was probably about 12 degrees (C) and I think the whole city was out enjoying the sunshine. This winter has been amazing, but the last couple of weeks have brought a ton of snow and quite a bit of slush, so the sun was welcome. Even though there is still snow all around, the restaurants and cafes had their outdoor patios set up and every spot seemed to be filled with locals and tourists enjoying their lunch and coffee in the warmth.

I strolled through the old town on my way home, yet again appreciating the 800 year old buildings and cobble-stoned streets. I just felt so lucky to be here. To be living here.

In the afternoon, Markus drove Rebecca and a couple of teammates to an out-of-town basketball game, and he took Annie along as she usually likes that kind of thing. So I really had a day off all to myself. It is indescribable what a difference it makes to this family’s life when Markus is here instead of in Canada. I’ve always had reverence for single parents or those with disengaged spouses, but I think I can appreciate their struggles even more now after my small taste of being alone with children.

So I spent the afternoon making a card for my good friend’s Lori and Shawna’s baby. (My crafting addiction is ever growing.) Their beautiful little girl Matheson was born on Valentine’s Day. It was a long road for this couple to get pregnant, so I’m feeling like this little baby is a real miracle in their lives. I spoke with Lori on about day 6, and she had yet to change a diaper. I’m starting to think there are going to be some incredible advantages with having two mothers to raise this baby!

Today is supposed to be even warmer. Markus is taking Rebecca and cousin Lili to spend a day on the slopes, so Annie and I are going to have a morning at the playground, share a slice of delicious pizza for lunch and then stroll along the Inn until Annie falls asleep. Another lovely day in the making.

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  1. Mary says:

    OK So now I am completely jealous! Toronto is experiencing the end of winter too but somehow slush in Toronto is nowhere near as romantic as it seems to be in Innsbruck! Nicely written!