Going to the Ball

Last week Rebecca attended her first ball. Balls are a very big deal here, with students usually taking several weeks of traditional ballroom dancing. Rebecca hadn’t signed up for these, but she was in the orchestra playing the music for the dancers with her viola.

The weekend before I was going to go with Rebecca to dress shop, but my wicked flu kept me down. So Dad and the two girls went out and found Rebecca a pretty dress for a reasonable price. Rebecca managed to find cute flats to go with the dress for only € 10, and was able to wear the jewelery I made her for her Grade 8 prom, so she did very well in the spending department.

I helped with hair and makeup and we had lots of fun getting her ready. Once Annie saw Rebecca, she very shyly and cutely whispered, “I want a dress too.” So we went to her summer collection and picked out a sweet one for her to put on. Of course, pictures ensued. Here is one of the girls and one of Rebecca once she was all ready to go.


Beautiful Rebecca

Beautiful Rebecca

Rebecca had a great time. There were about 1000 people there, and the Congress was set up with several rooms for various types of music. Rebecca danced for a couple of hours after her orchestra duties were finished. I think she arrived home around 2 a.m., so obviously it was a spectacular evening. I’m glad she had this Austrian experience here with her friends, as there really isn’t anything like it in N.A. Something I hope she always remembers.

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  1. sox says:

    She looks beautiful!