My Guitar Gently Weeps

Life has been quite a bit quieter since all of our guests have returned home. I had all kinds of plans last week, as Annie was in daycare for 4 of the days but I hadn’t started school yet. Mostly tasks were left undone in favour of sleeping, reading and trying to walk off come of the ridiculous amount of chocolate eaten.

We have had several very, very stressful days around money, as our current source of income is quickly drying up. But after much discussion we have decided to dive into running The Hotel here in Innsbruck and see if that can support us. The owner still won’t give us the green light to develop or renovate, so we are going to just try to fill the hotel and slowly update the rooms as we have the cash. Currently the hotel isn’t marketed at all…no website, no brochures, no association affiliation, no hotel network…so lots of room for improvement. If something bigger works out, that will be a bonus at this point.

I have also contacted some of my Canadian colleagues to see if I can scrounge up some contract writing work that I could do remotely. I wouldn’t mind having a bit more on my plate right now.

Annie, of course, is blissfully unaware of any of this, which is such an excellent reminder of perspective and what is important in the world. It is a bit of music mania here, as Annie doesn’t often let go of her new guitar, and Rebecca has decided to join the orchestra so we just rented her a viola to play. So when I get too stressed I just look at these pictures and they really make me smile. Life is still very good.




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