I May Be Going Dark

Well, my mobile wireless Internet connection has crapped out on me. And the “service” people (heavy sarcasm) need a week to look at it. A week?!! After begging, they gave me a replacement, but I need to download the driver from the web and the instructions are in German. I might have to wait until Markus is back (Saturday) until having a connection. Not pleased. Anyway, it might be a few days until I post again. 

In the meantime, my nerves are starting to wear thin. So, like last time, it is probably a good idea for me to chronicle all the lovely things about Annie that I adore, so as not to dwell on the struggles (like getting dressed, leaving the house, going to bed, eating, breathing, living……..).

Annie loves, loves, loves music. Cousin Lili gave her a plastic purse that plays high-pitched dance music when you press a button. Annie spent a good part of an hour dancing and then marching and then running to the tunes. Too funny. She would need to press the button every minute or so, but of course wanted to do it herself. No help from me please! She did look up imploringly at me saying, irresistibly,: “Do you want to dance with me?”, so we boogied down together for quite a while.

We also have a great game of hiding behind doors these days, which makes us both laugh. She loves to be scared. I hated that as a child, so that is interesting for me. I also hated being tickled, which is Annie’s favourite thing. (She inherited my incredibly ticklish skin.) She will come and lie down on the bed, couch or even floor and look at me with a twinkle in her eye and say, “It’s Tickle Time!!” I think not having sadistic brothers is the difference between Annie and I in this department.

Yesterday we were in one of the bigger city parks and Annie just started going for a walk. I thought it was rather random, but as we didn’t have any real plans, I was happy to follow her lead. But then she finally went down one of the paths that led out of the park and said, “I want to go visit Lili.” I was floored. This was, in fact, the way to walk to Susi and Lili’s place, but we had only gone this route a few times and not for at least a month. What a memory! Unfortunately they weren’t home, so we grabbed a pizza and headed for home instead. She really is a sweet girl, that Annie. (But I’m still going to be glad when Dad gets back!)

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