Is Daddy in Canada?

“Yes, my sweet. He’ll be there a bit longer.”

This is how our last couple of mornings began. Annie clomps (loud hardwood floors) into my bedroom, asks about Dad and proclaims: “I’m hungry. Get up!” Nice. At 5:30 in the morning as an extra special treat.

The first 4 days have actually gone pretty well. I’m surprised I think this, given that, in that time, Rebecca had the flu, then I had the flu (luckily for both of us it was pretty mild and only last 24 hours) and currently Annie has a cold. (To be expected with the start of a new daycare.) Opa helped out with daycare drop-off and pick-up duties last week, and we made it through the first weekend without too much trouble. Luckily I was sick on Friday, so just slept for 4 hours while Annie was at Kindergruppe. If I had been sick on the weekend…Yikes!

After a wee chat about the 12-hour computer marathon on Saturday, Rebecca made up and for it by taking Annie out for 2 hours on Sunday to the park and a treat at the bakery. Very sweet sister.

I’ve also caved in on a few things. The first is painting, which I’ve been very reluctant to do, as Annie has already had lovely episodes of colouring on every page in a book, walking around marking clothes with a felt pen, etc., etc. I managed by laying down garbage bags and stripping Annie down to her diaper. As expected, she really enjoyed it!

Picasso Annie

And during a trip to a toy store, I bought her a stroller for her baby doll. She always likes these, but there was one at daycare in Canada so we wanted to make it a special treat for there. Well, I think I’m already regretting that decision. We went for a walk on Sunday and it took us 20 minutes to go 2 blocks because she wanted to walk with the stroller. After much frustration and lots of tears (because Annie was tired but didn’t want to let go), I put Annie in her stroller holding onto the baby stroller in her lap. Sheesh. However, it was pretty hilarious last night when Annie climbed into the baby stroller and asked me to push her.

We also usually only allow bubbles outside, but made an exception and blew some in the bath. This worked quite well, as Annie was already covered in soapy water so the bubbles didn’t pop when they landed on her skin. She ended up with a dozen bubbles all over her. No picture, but it was pretty cute!

Markus doesn’t have a return ticket yet, but hopefully only 10 or so days to go. (I really, really don’t know how my friends whose husbands are pilots or in the Navy manage. I guess you just get through). And next week should be easier still as Annie can start to go to daycare for full days instead of just the mornings. So far she loves it, so another blessing.

3 Responses to “Is Daddy in Canada?”

  1. rooster says:


    I was just catching up on reading! I am just in Informatik right now and my teacher is doing some computer stuff. FREE CLASS! I got my books. Finally! I love the stories!


  2. DavdO says:

    Hey – no stories for a while, what is going on?

    Epsilon API in and working last night – I am soaking up the praise … Hilary who?


  3. Michel says:

    Hi Hillary: Been following your exploits. Boy, Annie and Linley are so much the same. Keep up the stories. Michel